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with Honey Bearing Cacao

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If you've never tasted a freshly made batch of handmade chocolates immediately 
after being poured and let set to perfection, you're in for an indulgence like never before!
It'll surely make you rethink the way you enJOY chocolate. 

Simply tell us your target date
for delivery and we'll make them fresh for you

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What People Are Saying About
Mama Bee Chocolates!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Mama Bee's Chocolate Addict”

“These are so incredibly addictive. I literally panic and start sweating when I get low on Kristen's chocolates. I hide them from my kids. I lie to my husband about how much money I am spending on chocolate. I eat them secretly, so I can enjoy and not have other people want some. I am a Mama Bee's chocolate addict. But, I am totally ok with that!!"

Courtney Crouse
- Owner, Morning Glory Vacation Rentals

“Always impressed...”

“Kristen's chocolates are incredible! Can I just talk about the "overachiever" for a minute? Giant peanut butter cup, topped with a vegan caramel sauce? Yum! You know you want one! Before my reserves deplete, I order another round, and am always impressed!.”

Kelli Elizabeth
- Kitchen Witch at ApplaShen Apothecary 
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Artfully crafted and look as amazing as they taste.”

“I love these chocolates. When I eat them, I feel good about it, knowing that they are made with care and the very best ingredients. They are artfully crafted and look as amazing as they taste."

Albien Gilkerson
- Artist
Kristen Taylor
Creator of Mama Bee Chocolates 

Our chocolates are made in small batches with premium ingredients. Each batch is hand tempered, the old fashion way, on a marble slab and every single piece of chocolate is handcrafted by Kristen Taylor herself. We appreciate your trust in us to make your special occasion extra awesome. Our Mama Bee team will not let you down. READ MORE....

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