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Kristen Taylor

They say necessity is the mother of invention. We certainly agree. This business was started by a "mama on a mission". Over a decade ago, Kristen Taylor, aka Mama Bee, rose to the challenge when the dietary sensitivities of her own chocolate loving child required only pure ingredients without risky additives. She began tirelessly crafting the recipes so many love dearly today.

These deliciously decadent treats come with her own "Promise of Purity" and can be savored without the worry. With us, you can rest assured knowing we only use all natural gluten free and dairy free ingredients, avoiding high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars and anything artificial like food dyes and flavors. 

Growing up in South Georgia, as the granddaughter of a major chocolate factory employee, many of her childhood memories are deeply rooted in chocolate celebrations. Kristen is a firm believer that no one should live without chocolaty goodness in their life. Now, one of her hobbies is recreating her favorite childhood recipes that her family and friends love, making them much healthier without any harmful ingredients. She makes giving the boot to junk food a delicious journey. Plus, you won't miss the refined sugars at all.  Her honey-whipped signature chocolate is like none other.

Now, as a company, our chocolates are still made in small batches with premium ingredients for top quality. Each batch is hand tempered, the old fashion way, on a marble slab and every single piece of chocolate is handcrafted by Kristen herself.

We appreciate your trust in us to make your special occasions extra amazing. From intimate social gatherings to large formal weddings, the Mama Bee team is delighted to work with you and will not let you down. 

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